Saturday, February 22, 2020

Life Span Human Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Life Span Human Development - Essay Example Moreover, according to the Government of Saskatchewan (1999) there is also a multi-dimensional component insofar as the theory holds that there is a biological, cognitive, socio-emotional and spiritual dimension. From this perspective one could argue that a person could develop into a number of different paths owing to a number of different lifelong conditions. Without question the interaction of hereditary factors and the environment interplay with each other to produce differences in human development. According to Sigelman & Rider (2009) it is the case that one’s genes are patterned throughout our entire lifespan. Whilst many people have commonalities in the way we age and develop physiologically there remains a profound difference in the way we may develop on an individual basis. Some people may be more tall or short or perhaps athletic or sickly. These factors play a major influence on our development. Moreover, people put into different environments may develop different ly. For example people in an abusive environment may develop differently than people in a more nurturing environment. From this perspective there are a number of separate internalities and externalities that help shape who we are over the course of our life. References Government of Saskatchewan (1999) The Lifespan Perspective on Human Development.

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