Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Judgement Engineering Activities

Question: Discuss abot theJudgementfor Engineering Activities. Answer: As part of engineering activities, judgement is a key component, which is used to resolve different problems and aids to come up with practical and ethical decisions, which are accepted. Different engineering decisions have to align with the three major roles of services and engineers in order to arrive at viable conclusion. These three aspects include the dealing with ethical issues, practice competency and responsibility for the engineering practices. In my line as an engineer, I have been called upon to maintain these aspects in the making of the different judgement, which I have been making all through. In addition, in the engineering practices, the engineer has to address the different conflicts with the stakeholders. The conflict resolution requires the use of correct judgement to resolve the issues and forms a key part of engineers competence. This role requires correct judgement in order to identify the issues and be able to resolve them perfectly. Moreover, conflicts due to the misunderstanding of the stakeholder will lead to untimely completion of activities. The interests of the different stakeholders must be met and addressed and this calls proper judgement of the prevailing issues among the stakeholder. Harmonization of the engineering activities with the expectation of stakeholders needs proper judgement skills in order to make viable decisions. In addition, engineering knowledge allowed me to, I managed all clarifications from vendor, client and engineering team including decision regarding procurement, the package progress and schedule aspects. As part of the project, I judged there is no formal project schedule from vendor side and I took initiative to prepare formal schedule for all engineering activities using MS project software. The needs for this will enhance the judgement and help to come up with the correct decision. In addition, the engineering activities involved supervision, evaluation and monitoring, which are part of my competences. In line with the engineers requirement in Australia, these competences help to achieve ethical decisions. These activities involves diverse decision making which require proper judgement. In the field of work, I have been able to enhance the decision making process through making of decision which aids the achievement of the success of projects. Technical works requires the correct judgement in order to come up with the correct measures and solutions. This needs to align with most key works, which are available at the site and the needs which need to be addressed. In addition, the engineering works is connected with unexpected obstacles, performance deficiencies and impending or actual failures. In order address these problems requires proper judgement skills. When faced with these problems, the judgement helps to come up with critical analysis of the situation a nd deriving proper solution. In addition, correct judgement is able to enhance the performance of the activities being undertaken. This is evident in the different actions, which are done, and the decisions which are performed. The judgement has to be in line with the ethical issues. This will be able to prevent and to ensure that conflict of interest do not occur. In the line of duty, I had several responsibilities, which were aligned with my competencies. Some of the key competencies ensures that I had to perform the following duties, which involve project management services that aided me to ensure design meets the intended service and meets stakeholder requirements, manage the engineering activities, monitor fabrication of the package at vendors workshop and evaluate the progress of the project from time to time. In order to meet these competencies, proper judgement of the different situation scenarios is a key factor. The engineering practices requires the competences I have in order to come up with the viable solution of any defined problem. In addition, the management of any clarification from the vendors, clients and engineering team is another competence that I had to perform in my duty. This needs proper knowledge and judgement of the situation in order to offer the correct solutions to the underlined problem. This helps to define and make any available decision, which affect the procurement team. The proper judgement helps to deliver what is needed for the right job and in line with the requirement of the stakeholders. In addition, in the decisions, the procurement of such items must be able to meet the different standards, which are set out by the engineers board in Australia. Lastly, the keeping of records of the actions and decisions is a key element that need proper judgement. The engineer has to be able to offer written proofs of the actions taken and the decisions made in the different cases.

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