Friday, July 26, 2019

The Corporate Citizenship of Avon Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Corporate Citizenship of Avon - Essay Example According to James Post, corporate citizenship does not merely involve good acts. One central requirement of citizenship is the promotion of social harmony. A company should, therefore, ensure that its social activities are those that are directed to the building and sustaining of a harmonious society. A company and its operations should also have a harmonious existence with the society in which it operates under because it cannot promote harmony if it is the first to rub shoulders with its stakeholders and the community (Post 146). AVON Company has achieved this to a good level by speaking violence and ensuring that its operations do not cause disputes with the society of operation. AVON Company has sustained and even increased its public social works as they continue with their own private business. This means they have met the key corporate citizenship requirement that businesses are supposed to re-connect private work and public work. As corporate citizens, multinational companie s are required to take responsibility for the impacts that the company’s activities have on the environment and its stakeholders (Wood and Logsdon 53). AVON Company participates in and focuses its environmental protection and rehabilitation activities in opportunities and places that will achieve the greatest impact hence it is a corporate citizen. Another requirement for a corporate citizen is to voluntarily extend its social activities beyond those that are required by the country’s legislation (Post 145). As a demonstration to this, AVON Company has been actively involved in helping women affected by cancer by donating approximately $700 million towards breast cancer programs. It also participates in emergency relief and has awarded millions of US dollars to women affected by natural disasters.  Ã‚  

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