Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Advanced Boot Options

The recovery tools available in windows 7 are ? ? ? Advanced Boot Options Menu Startup Repair Tool Backup & Restore Center System Protections Frequently used recovery techniques are Event Viewer – if OS doesn’t load in normal or safe mode, check the event viewer for problems occur in security, system and apps logs. Safe Mode: Loads minimum of services & drivers only needed to load win 7. Can troubleshoot the devices and drivers. Last Known Good Configuration Startup Repair Tool Backup & Restore Center System Restore Using Advanced Boot options: Used to troubleshoot error that allows windows 7 from successful booting.To access press F8 while startup. The options available are Safe mode Safe mode with networking– safe mode with networking enabled Safe mode with command prompt – safe mode in CLI Enable Boot logging– creates log file â€Å"ntbtlog. txt† records all process occur during booting. Enable low resolution video (640Ãâ€"480)- uses stan dard vga drivers for display. Last known good configuration– Restores last Config that runs in good condition. Directory Services Restore Mode- Used for domain controllers Debugging Mode- Runs kernel debugger.Advanced troubleshooting tools Disable Automatic Restart on System failure- prevents system from restarting when it fails to boot. Disable driver signature enforcement- enforces driver to install that don’t have valid signature Start windows normally- Normal startup Startup Repair Tool: If system files of windows 7 is failed to boot or corrupted or deleted, using windows 7 media can able to restore it. But this tool cannot handle Hardware failures Backup and Restore: Used for user of windows 7 to protect their personal data from disaster.This tool is used for making a backup of your data and also it can able to restore the backup data. This tool can be opened in â€Å"control panelackup and restore† In that console user can find advanced boot options o Tur n off the schedule – backup schedule is turned off o Create a system restore image – Backup OS files o Create a system repair disk – Create bootable disk Creating System Image: It captures the snapshot of entire hdd & stored in specified location Control panel -> Backup & Restore center-> CREATE system Image link -> choose location -> START backup-> no for system repair disk.After the above process the image is created Restoring Image: Load win 7 media to dvd rom, reboot the machine ->enter in to â€Å"Repair your computer† Now select OS-> system recover option appears->choose windows complete pc restore-> select the image-> Restore it.Using System Protection: It creates backup and saves the configuration info of system files and settings It don’t overwrite, it saves in previous versions which is called as â€Å"restore point† So user can return to multiple possible configurations It creates restores points automatically if file system in NT FS, manually also can create. To open â€Å"sysdm. cpl† open system protection tab.

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