Wednesday, October 30, 2019

If you could choose to live in any world you wanted to, what would Essay

If you could choose to live in any world you wanted to, what would that world be like - Essay Example These issues would not be allowed within my own world as I believe these in essence mar the basis of development and growth amongst humans. My world would be different in the fact that it will have a more adequate space for understanding one another. There would be openness amongst people and camaraderie all round so that bitterness would not make the rounds of one another’s minds. People would be forthwith in their dealings and there would be respect for the elderly and love for the young ones. In short, my world would entail a character of its own making. It will make us all proud that we could actually live in harmony without any such issues coming to the fore. My world would have economic relief for everyone. There would not be problems for the people who are less affluent and the ones who essentially cannot afford to buy the most glamorous products on display. The economic well-being of the people would take into account their spending patterns, the manner in which they could afford their true basis within the complexities of life and in essence their salaries, which they get from their respective jobs and undertakings. The rich would not get richer by the day and same would be the case for the poor people within this world. In fact there would be an open ground for the rich and the poor to link with one another and thus interact on a level playing field. Similarly, the government of the time within this world would comprise of individuals who are honest with the masses, have proven track record of doing things right and are known to be steadfast in their respective areas of strength. Citizens will have a say in the affairs of the govern ment so that there is accountability from top to bottom and no such issues of treating people in an undignified manner come to the fore. The middle aged adults would be encouraged to join politics so that they could give somewhat constructive back to the society. One should believe that this is a very enticing

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