Thursday, October 17, 2019

Impact of Smoking During Pregnancy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Impact of Smoking During Pregnancy - Assignment Example Even though it is widely understood that tobacco products, specifically smoking them, can create negative impacts upon a pregnancy, relatively little inquiry has been devoted towards the impacts of smoking marijuana during pregnancy. For purposes of this particular study, the analysts sought to measure these two against one another; utilizing a series of metrics as a function of accomplishing such a goal. As denoted above, the problem investigated was contingent upon the potential harm that smoking of either tobacco products or marijuana during pregnancy could affect. Likewise, the core problems investigated was with regard to how tobacco and/or marijuana usage during pregnancy impacted upon gestation, growth, and morphology. By seeking to draw inference on these core issues, the researchers pre-supposed that a greater level of understanding concerning the impacts of smoking either of these substances during pregnancy could be compared to existing research; assisting in the creation of a more baseline understanding of the negative of neutral health effects that such a practice entails. The problem is of extreme importance as healthealthcareessionals are faced with the negative impacts of such issues each and every day and need verifiable measurements and statistics that they can use to warn their patients. The underlying purpose of the study is to of course provide more identifiable metrics with respect to the negative health impacts that smoking either marijuana for tobacco products during pregnancy can affect.  

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