Wednesday, November 6, 2019

buy custom Virtual Meetings Technology essay

buy custom Virtual Meetings Technology essay The Future of Face-to-face Meetings With the advent of new technology, the face-to-face meetings are greatly affected. The online meetings like teleconferencing, videoconferencing, audio conferencing and chats among other means of meetings have greatly dominated the current communications limiting the use of face-to-face meetings. The change over is attribute to the numerous advantages that are presented by the newly arrived technology over those of the face-to-face meetings. The advantages of the virtual meetings technology that meet the requirements of the users are the cost saving, efficiency, the effectiveness, the renouncement and handiness. The technologies are proving to be economically fit for the needs of the technology consumers. Practitioners prefer to use the technology to minimize the transportation, the risk to losing confidential information and the meeting set up (like the entertainments) costs. Moreover, its use in the world of today is becoming common and no one is willing to lag behind. The other advantages are the usefulness and the usability of the technology. Furthermore, there are day-to-day improvements that foster their usefulness in the lifestyles adopted today. These advantages make them of preference and soon they will lead the face-to-face meetings out of use. This will help to improve on the effectiveness of the large meetings while the face-to-face meetings come to a halt. It will come to a point whereby all the large meetin gs held technologically. While discussing the possibility of the face-to-face meetings being face out, it is important to consider some facts. Considering the type of meetings held it is possible that face-to-face meetings are to coexist. One reason as to why I argue in this direction is that some business meetings require the physical presence of the participants in order to deliver a long-term solution. One may never read the mood of the meeting and may end up making wrong assumptions that will later affect the business. However much the technology is to play an important role, the face-to-face meetings will still have their ways into existence. This could be limited to only small meetings. To conclude, the face-to-face meetings are likely to be specifically for small meetings and that is where the business rules forces. The large face-to-face meetings will be out of question. Buy custom Virtual Meetings Technology essay

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