Sunday, November 3, 2019

Unit 18 Advertising and Promotions - Level 4 Advertising and Assignment

Unit 18 Advertising and Promotions - Level 4 Advertising and Promotions - Nandos Loyalty Card HND Business - Assignment Example One of the firms that have undertaken extensive communication strategies to attract more customers is Nando’s. The section below discusses the communication process and how the communication process relates to the Nando’s advertisement process. As indicated by transmission model that was developed by Shannon and Weaver (1949), communication process consists of six major steps. The first one is the formulation of the idea in the mind of the sender. During this stage, an individual who want to send the message, comes up with something that he or she want to relate to another person. The second step is encoding the message. This implies that putting the information in a language that suits the recipient. For example, the sender who wishes to send a message to a child must encode it differently from that of professional colleague. The third step is transmitting the message. This involves using various avenues such as speaking, writing or using emails among others. The fourth step is receiving the message that has been sent by the sender. As a receiver, one should read or listen to the message. The fifth stage is decoding the message. This entails processing the message in such a way that it makes sense to the receiver. The six th stage according to the transmission model is understanding the message (Barnlund, 2008). It is worth to note that a message may be sent, read or listened to but understanding the message is the most paramount thing. In the Nando’s advertising process, communication process has been effectively utilised. For example, before the launching of Nando’s Loyalty Card, the firm came up with the communication idea that depicted the use of a card that cannot be used in libraries, night clubs or coffee shops but only in Nando’s. Similarly, the business has used various channels of communicating with

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