Sunday, November 17, 2019

College Life Essay Example for Free

College Life Essay I was really excited to go on college by the time I step on the stage and got my diploma. During college applications, I would always think of what college has to offer far from high school. I would imagine myself walking around the university’s corridor from building to building, meeting new and unfamiliar faces, involving into different school activities and enjoying a lot of my free time. I would also see myself in a more mature role as a Mass Communication student of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila which is I think a big challenge. However, I fear that college might be hard for me as a freshman. I wonder who are going to be my friends, will I be with the good ones or the other way around, what type of professors I’ll be dealing with, where should I and most importantly, how can I cope up with these changes that I can’t even sleep that night before our first day of school. And these are the things I’ve encountered so far. The whole set up of college is totally different from high school Embracing a change is certainly a difficult one. It took me a lot of adjustments to familiarize things in college. It is true that in college you are the master of your time. You should know how to manage your time preparing for school, during vacant hours and free time. Since I’m from Cavite which is a 2 hour ride going to Manila (heavy traffic not included), I should have a time allowance so I can’t be late on my first subject. Technically, if I have a 7 am class, I should be up at 4 am for preparation then at 5 am I must go. Same with going home and this is very tiresome. During my vacant, instead of wandering somewhere I will do my assignments so when I came home, there’s nothing to worry about. With my schedule, I can rarely bond with my parents and siblings at home because I must make the most out of my time to do what is needed and that often left me no personal time. I can no longer join family gatherings or social parties because if I do, I would sacrifice my time for sleep and rest. My time is being calculated and I think that’s the worst part of being a college student. On the other hand, my social life broaden with the new friends I’ve met in college but at first I find it hard to be comfortable with them because I’m still looking for the same qualities of my friends in high school. Because of it, I barely enjoy my time with them which is not healthy. That’s the hardest part in me that I struggle, to open up myself for new opportunities. The next adjustment that I had was in terms of money. Back in my high school, I am not really into allowances because IÂ  had my pack lunch and school service. Whenever I need something, I’ll just ask my parents and they will give me the amount of money I needed. But when I entered college, I started to budget everything I need with my allowance – fare, food, and school stuffs. Especially with my school environment since it is near SM Manila and those tempting, low-cost stores scattered anywhere. With that, I learned to save money and prioritize my needs over wants that leaves no room for extras.

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