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Analysis Of Community Based Tourism

Analysis Of Community Based Tourism Cost -Above noted, there are many different way of getting to the Caribbean, as a result of the When region at a good affordability, especially when compared to different places in the world there is an off season the ticket get less expensive. More over these essential factors make a enormous he tourism region. These attractions such as dolphin cove and mystic mountain they develop and implement more facilities and resorts that offer the taste of the Caribbean. The official industry touted past time as a priority. Accommodation- Caribbean region has a risen vacancy in the hotels, spas and resorts. These options means that tourists comes from all over the level of region to come visit , but in the addition the vacancies is also affordable. Hotels and resorts continue to give low prices, for the rooms to the visitors. Other opportunities such as golf, netball, tennis and other recreational activities is available in the resort towns which concentrate on water activities particularly diving, jet skis to lesser, extent, boat hire. With more person visiting the room include additional sports and recreational facilities like yachting, shopping. Reputation- The Caribbean standard is most profounded from the 1800s and for this the reputation is raised every year so tourist wants to come here to see the people culture etc. In fact, the Royal Victorian Hotel was built in the Bahamas during the American Civil War, one of the earliest such establishments in the region. This repeat vacation. Also, the region is known for being safe, alleviating concern from families and single visitors. Quality service Quality in the tourism and hospitality industry involves consistent delivery of products and guest services according to expected standards. Delivering quality service is one of the major challenges the hospitality managers will defacing in the following years as it is an essential condition for success in the emerging, keenly competitive, global hospitality markets. There are various tools that measure and improve quality service, as well as mechanisms for quality recognition in the tourism and hospitality industry. The weigh up the impacts of cost-profit and be in a position to priorities towards a quality improvement process for their own property managers should identify record and the present study shows that tourism stakeholders perceive quality service in a hotel as value for money, a comfortable room, friendly staff and tasty food. Moreover, the survey shows that there is always room for further improvement of the hospitality services. Other results of the surveys reveal that the most important factors for a hotels future are guest satisfaction, guest retention and word of mouth advertising. Aiming at excellence and profitability, the outcomes of the survey suggest focus on quality service; retention of existing guests by exceeding their expectations; continuous quality improvement; employment, regular training and empowerment of service-oriented staff; search for best practices through benchmarking; and, finally, pursuit of quality accreditation through the various schemes, such as the eco-labels, ISO and the EU Foundation for Quality Management. The delivery system is designed to provide the customer with the required variety of services and with the minimum delay. A common feature of delivery systems is the customer line or queue. A key aspect of any system is to control the length of queues. The unique tourism aspect service industry belongs to service delivery system. The term covers aspect of operation that taken place at any given time customers or client requested. Title of my Paper: Travel Tourism Sector Students name: Natanya Williams Colbourne College Lecture: Ms Michelle Branch November 13, 2012 Report This assignment is base on the fort most knowledge on travel tourism sector. Travel tourism is the movement of objects, people between two geographical locations of relative distance. More times tourism includes the movements of different destination as a stop point to move from destination to destination to reach the final destination. Recently it has been discover that the centre stage in terms of vacation and holidays or mostly acquired to the term Business Travel and Cargo.With these advance technology travel tourism has become more revolutionized with passage of time. Travel has become such a global need for all security measure has become a priority for all. Table of content Report 1 Quality services 2 Pros and cons of community based tourism 3 Main factors that attract tourist to the Caribbean 4 Conclusion 5 Bibliography 6 Pros and cons of community based tourism Pros- The implications of pros on the country on a whole is that the convention visitors bureau need to develop efficient products for locals and international person and that product must be environmental friendly for society and civilization. The convention visitor bureau needs to generate income through sustainable resources by organized local resources by people. The member of the tourist board need to put the pros forward and try to resolve them and put Jamaica on the mop for the most experience tourism spot in the world. The sustainable, giving that the pros revised on the topic of the rural and poor communities and its source of income. In this type of area this aspect is valid and varied lives of local and indigenous people while they preserve the environment and the culture heritage. There are projects set aside for benefits to the community as a whole. When international tourist arrives to a certain areas it is rich in culture and biodiversity and at the same will get more involved as a country. Cons-The conservation implicated on the country on a whole by the variety of activities that is encourage and support a wide range of development and conservation for e.g. (economic and social). This chapter of the project identifies the issues that affect community base tourism and the sustainability and promotion, with every growth interest, tourism development and marketing strategies that associated with a specific industry and its components. In this section it is useful to produce a clear definition of community base tourism to its readers. There are several different specialized tourism activities e.g. ecotourism, Nature base tourism etc. Although there is a estimate of 10%-15% conservation of nature related tourism. It is difficult to generalized countries and there natural environment as the primary key attraction for most international visitors, and the increasing of domestic tourist.There is a excessive amount of accurate data and it clearly show that the community base i ndustry need to rise it standards. Conclusion I am currently discussing the achievements of the travel and tourism sector project and looking to the future of great gesture. It is interesting to receive the amount of information from the different resources in respect of their different opinion. I have achieved the primary goal of this project and everyone has benefited in many ways from being involved in the project.

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