Sunday, August 25, 2019

Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Journal - Assignment Example All that one needs to have are a computer, good internet connectivity and a microphone. The use of podcasts makes possible to share content via the internet to a large number of mp3 players. I have listened to an audio podcast of lady Antebellum album of â€Å"Own The Night† and it is a nice audio album it keeps you really captivated and its very interesting to listen to. Have as well watched Earth breath and it explains how this takes place, and the use of video just fits perfectly for this topic. The difference between podcast for instance broadcast media is that with podcast, there is a variety to listen to and watch, unlike in broadcast radio there is the issues of monotony as the same songs are being repeated over and over again. Another difference is that when one is using podcasts, one does not require waiting till they hear something that they want to here because the user is provided with the option of choosing what exactly to listen to. This is not the case with Broa dcast radio since one listens to what is currently playing and they do not have the option to choose what to listen to, they have to wait till something they are interested in being played. Podcasts are quite easy to create, and most people can create one and use it to share content, music and videos with the world. Podcasts allow for many formats and subjects as the podcasters are not limited by the traditional broadcast formats as well as broadcast regulations. Podcast subjects can range from politics, science, technology, movies, music and many other different subjects. The content in podcasts is very original and new and is created by innovative people who want to share with the world. Podcasts are downloaded automatically into your laptop or computer and synced automatically to your mp3 player. This makes it convenient hence very popular. A podcast aggregator is a software program used when one is subscribing to a podcast and when one wants to receive podcasts. Podcasts keep yo u in control in that you can actually delete a podcast when you want, you can pause it, you can rewind it, you can replay it as much as you like and you can store it wherever you feel like. Once also has the option of listening the podcast on their laptops or personal computers, they can also burn the podcast in compact discs as well as move it to once mp3 player. One can download as many podcasts as they like there is no limitation and it is not limited to specific media players its compatible. Listening to a radio for instance is not interesting as the relevant corporations control what to listen to and at what time. With streaming content, one is tied to their pc, and it has to have good internet connection. The advantage with a podcast is that you can carry it wherever you are going. With the podcasts that I have watched and listened to i have discovered that it is advisable to use videos for giving directions or instructions on how to go about something. The audio podcasts are suited better for communicating important or useful ideas as well as concepts to a persons’ audience. RSS Feeds Ways to add an RSS Feed was that one can type the RSS feed URL in the field provide don their browser then click on the "Add" button. One can also subscribe to the RSS Feed which will enable them to get automatic updates on the information in the sites they are following. RSS refers to

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