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Kind of body Essay Example for Free

Kind of body Essay It reads, I know exactly what kind of body I want to have this year the font is very clear and big and bold making it easy to read, the black and white colours react well enhancing the view of the quote, there is a play on words in the writing of the quote which sits on top of the main block of text and acts like a sub heading. Reality confirms that it is just impossible for todays weight watchers to choose how they want to look and always dream of that miracle cure that will instantly change their physique and make them more attractive to the opposite sex, but this quote, which adds to the unique aspect of the text because it has been said by a person (woman) states that someone is saying that they will choose what kind of body they want this year, which instantly makes the reader that little more interested, being able to state such a thing lures the readers further into the advert, bringing them onto the main bulk of the text, now they have been briefed on what the product could do for you, with the help of the images titles and quotes the reader develops (her) interest enough to want to read the small print which a success on the count of the editor and retailer. Coming to the last few points of the advert analysis we see that there are some very considerable features that are hidden to the ordinary Joe Bloggs but seem to work like a charm unbeknown to them.  Ã‚  Moving on to the main bulk of text situated on the extreme right of the A4 spread. One point I have noticed is that the advert seems to form a secret map, for the readers eyes, there are certain features that follow on from each other that guide the eyes all round the advert gradually covering everything there is to see, below I have described how my map theory seems to function; You start with the large (st) picture of the woman,  Ã‚  Very close to that, close enough to not let the eyes wonder off is the big title stay special the eyes then run along the title crossing the textual bridge across the page  Which then leads the eye to the top of that page, using the natural instinct of the eye to go to the top of the following page when reading, which then Brings us to the next base where there is another title/quote then this leads you down  Ã‚  To the large capital N starting off the block of text the eyes read through this quite oblivious to the mapping system going on  Leading all the way down to the final caption and a finishing image to fixate in the readers mindAmazing!  And there you have it, moving back to the main bulk of text; this paragraph contains the main detail that the customer/reader needs to know, but would not instinctively stop to read while reading the whole magazine, even though if the reader may want the product, if they read the details their eyes do not recognise this while glancing at the page. Moving on to analysing the text itself; the entire paragraph is addressed to the reader personally like a one to one conversation, this adds familiarity between the reader and the woman in the advert, a very informal vocabulary is used with words such as beefcake and dream boy, and the subject of the text is associating the cereal with setting up a perfect relationship with a womans ideal man, by gaining the apparent impossible, and I quote, a figure thats irresistible. Further more as I read deeper into the text, a kind of friendly relationship is built up between the reader and the woman in the article and then some sentences, that are said soon make sense of the once mysterious images, like the picture of the man on the fridge; we soon understand that the picture is there to stop the woman pigging out because the image reminds her of her prize at the end. It states, A splash of ice cold milk on a bowl of Special K is a pleasure not a chore this has a great effect on the reader because everyone knows, that dieting and eating healthy just seems like hard work. However for the woman to say its a pleasure, coaxes the reader further and now that there is this little relationship going on with the reader and writer a sense of trust develops, the paragraph finishes off nicely with all I need now is someone just as tasty to share it with this Is a perfect finish if you ask me because it gets the reader thinking, and soon has them begging for the source that will grant them this perfect scenario, and they then finally read on to the final part which states all the nutritional facts about the cereal, as discussed before the last picture is of the box, and this is the last thing the reader sees, before turning the page and will be the most recent thing they remember when they go shopping for another Bach of cereal. Some very good features were described; we have witnessed the very skilful and cunning minds of editors for adverts, how deep planning and thinking is needed to capture the readers interest and also just as importanttrust.  My Advert (MFI)  My advert is advertising a well-known furniture store called MFI; the advert is set upon one single A4 sheet, and only contains one main image, one title and a logo. As with the previous analysis I will start with the images and the rest of the features will follow after one another. As I said there is only one main image this is of a beautiful bedroom that has a very warm feel to it because of the mixture of dark reds and purples, used in the room. In the centre of the bedroom is a bed and on the bed lying down is ruby wax a very well known TV presenter, in a night gown with her feet up in the air smiling looking towards the reader. The room is truly fit for a king/queen, as all the features of the room are immaculate and matching almost impeccably. Now to pinpoint the effect of this;  First of all the whole page is taken up by the colours of the image and this will easily attract the readers attention, as it did mine when I was searching for an advert to study. So the advert relies a lot on its image functions to attract attention and not so much on titles and quotes. The room is immaculate telling the reader that their bedroom may well look like this if they shop at MFI  There is a teddy on the bed and I feel this adds a bit of familiarity to the advert and associates it with everyday people  A known celebrity is used to sell the product, and as people will flick through the pages of a magazine a face that they recognise will almost certainly make them stop and want them to read on  Also Ruby Wax is a very high rate celebrity and people know that she has a few quid, and when they see Ruby Wax with some products from MFI they suddenly think well if its good enough for its good enough for me, for celebrities may shop where ever they want, and if she has chosen MFI this forms a trust bond with the reader of good quality. Moving on to the text, there is only one main title piece of text which reads, all the big names under one roof  This is corresponding to two things at one time so is a play on words. One meaning is referring to Ruby Wax, as she without a doubt is a big name and she is under one roof in the bedroom so that is one of the meanings of this text piece. Then the second meaning is referring to the actual brands of the furniture, all the big names under one roof all the best furniture brands in one shop. This effect causes the reader to think for a second and choose which out the two ways they interpret this title either way they will be impressed by the statement and will instantly be intrigued to go and check out the big names under the roof of MFI. Then finally we have the logo of the brand that kitted out the bedroom that Ruby Wax is displaying, this the last thing the reader sees and this sticks in the readers mind for when they may visit MFI so SCHREIBER at MFI assists the reader in what they look for first when they visit the store, this is a beneficial technique for both MFI and SCHREIBER and this about wraps up the features of this advert, not quite as complex as Kelloggs but that advert had more of psychological effect on woman of today and their scenario of wanting a man and needing a nice figure to find a decent one, where as furniture is more of a general subject and requires less detailed features.

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