Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Topic Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Topic Proposal - Essay Example Men object strongly to wearing a condom every time they have sex and would certainly object to the intrusiveness of any law requiring them to do so, but have no compulsions about demanding that a woman destroy her body because they didn’t. 1. Women, as independent free citizens of the world, have a right to make their own choices regarding their own bodies. Pregnancy can present numerous serious health risks and even more minor risks. At the least, the woman will experience weight gain, varicose veins, stretch marks and a potential caesarian scar if they go through with a pregnancy. 2. Women will continue to exercise their right to decide the direction of their own body even if it is taken away by law as ample evidence regarding illegal and unsafe abortions abounds from the era before it was made legal. 3. The Constitution protects the rights of women as U.S. citizens and therefore gives them the legal right to determine what to do with their body and places protections in place for her health and well-being. The fetus, not yet born and therefore not a U.S. citizen yet, has no such protections in place, nor should it at least until it is viable (able to survive outside of the womb). 4. Fetuses in fertility labs are destroyed all the time and thousands of pregnancies are never brought to term for a variety of natural and unnatural reasons so it is unreasonable to attempt to protect the rights of the not-yet-born, particularly when they infringe upon the rights of the already living. 1. Evidence exists to illustrate that the fetus is able to feel pain well before it is viable outside the womb, indicating that it is a living, feeling being and therefore should be protected under the law. 2. Legal abortions introduces the possibility for men to bully women into having an unwanted abortion or to use her unwillingness to have this abortion as an excuse to continue beating her or otherwise abusing her. By

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