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Living with Mental Health Disorders Essay examples -- Personality Diso

When a child acts out without a moment’s notice, what factors influence this particular action? Many adolescence are prone to live with forms of aggressive behavior. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry claims â€Å"teens experience and exhibit aggressive behaviors in a number of ways.† The question is why do teens act this way, in some cases aggressive behavior is biological? Sigmund Freud claims â€Å"humans [posses] an unconscious aggressive drive from birth.† In response, something causes a person to act out. â€Å"It is said that family has a large influence on a child’s aggressive behavior†¦ children who observe violent parents are likely to influence that behavior.† With this being said, a child who is surrounded by a difficult home life has a higher tendency to act rationally. Those who show aggression may have something deeper beyond the surface, known as Personality Disorders. Personality Disorders c ome in all forms, an example being Paranoid Personality Disorder. People who suffer from PPD have a hard time trusting others. People who suffer from related diseases believe that others are out to get them and they have to act before they are harmed. Living a life such as this would create a strenuous amount of weight on ones shoulders. To live one’s life in fear constantly can take a large toll on the mind. Unfortunately for the victims of mental illness, the struggle is continuous throughout their lives. What does it truly mean to be bipolar? Some people use the word freely, indicating they may have mood swings, moments of highs and lows. Typically, females claim they have symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, but in reality, the female population is just hormonal. People who suffer from â€Å"Bipolar Disorder†¦[... ...ealthcare_services/mental_health/mental_health>. National Institute of Mental Health . 27 November 2013 . Nestor, Paul G. "Mental Disorder and Violence: Personality Dimensions and Clinical Features." The American Journal of Psychiatry (2002): 1-5. Price, Rita. "School shooters typically show mental-health red flags." The Columbus Dispatch (2012): 1-2. Sohail, Dr. K. "Seven Reasons to Kill." Author, Humanist, Speaker, and Therapist (2013): 1-2. Web MD. 27 November 2013 . Web MD. 27 November 2013 . Web MD. 27 November 2013 . Web MD. 27 November 2013 .

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