Sunday, September 8, 2019

Abortion Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 3

Abortion - Research Paper Example Though these â€Å"sides† may be difficult to come to terms with, they offer essential insights, even though other relevant sides of the stories may outweigh these insights. The rhetoric, then concerning abortion discussions revolves around labels such as the pro-life and pro-choice (Alcorn, 2009). Nonetheless, what these discussions technically advance it that either side of the former is against life, while the other side is against choice. Ultimately, these discussions ignore the nuances in a victim’s (person’s) position. Well, with regard to these, various moral principles try to demystify the moral groundings of abortion. The first moral consideration is that which considers the status of the unborn child, while the second one is that which considers the rights of the expectant women or rather pregnant women (Alcorn, 2009). A great deal of the debate regarding abortion has revolved around the knowledge, namely, whether an unborn child or the fetus is a person or not. Consequently, if an unborn child is a person, then it has the rights that belong to persons, and not thereof limited to the right to life. Thus, the personification of the unborn child or the fetus is the link between the former and the right to life (Alcorn, 2009). Therefore, from a philosophical point of view, it is clear that an unborn child in itself is a person. That is, an individual with his or her own right regardless of its status or position. Nonetheless, it is difficult to determine the exact stage at which a fetus develops into or becomes a person (Alcorn, 2009). Could it be at conception, the first trimester, or even at birth? This therefore is the technicality. Nonetheless, taking the life of a person is in itself an illegal act, and the moral grounding of the act may be unjustifiable. The interesting thing about pregnant women is that they are bestowed with the

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