Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Should Gay Marriage Be Legal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Should Gay Marriage Be Legal - Essay Example Having a different sexual orientation does not make homosexuals outcasts and they have every right to exercise their freedom even if the freedom means marrying the same gender. Gay marriages do not pose any sort of threat to the states or the society so it is not at all correct to assume it as a social vice. The issue should be looked at with an open mind and in a broader perspective. Gays would not change their sexual orientation if the gay marriages are not legalized. However legalization would allow them to enjoy the same rights as the others without the fear of humiliation or disgrace from the general public. They would enjoy the same respect and recognition from the community which is gained by the straight couples. Previously the laws defined in a country were according to the religion that was being followed there with little regard for the minorities. However we now live in an era where laws are constituted keeping in mind the public interest and sanctity of their rights. Therefore if the states are advocates of freedom then this freedom should also be extended towards gays since they are equal members of the society. The opinion of the states should be taken into account but it should only be under the discretion of the government whether to allow or disallow legalization of gay marriages because leaving it onto the states would only promote discord and disunity. Not granting equal rights to the gay community is another example of discrimination that has tainted the human history for so many years. The argument that is proposed by its opponents is of immorality and that the gay couples can live together privately without marrying but this attitude only tends to force them into social isolation. It also forces the gay couple to explain their relationship continuously to the general public which makes them feel embarrassed, stopping them from active social

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