Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Ethics in the work place Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ethics in the work place - Research Paper Example Kerns (2003) emphasizes on certain core values that give way to ethical behavior. Accordingly, integrity and courage; love and kindness; justice and fair guidance; wisdom and knowledge, and self control have universal appeal to influencing ethical behavior. The mentioned virtues are interlinked with each other. For example, self control is the ability to keep personal motivation in low ebb to act objectively based on the principle of justice and fairness. An ethical behavior at work place is not demonstrated just by personal integrity but it often requires courage – to do the right thing without bothering about personal consequences. Love and kindness always generate a positive feeling that not only recognize others but prevent them to do any unethical behavior. Just and fair attitude is a powerful driver for an ethical behavior. Wisdom comes through experience and when it combines with knowledge, an ethical behavior is likely to crop up by all means. These core values are necessary to promote ethical behavior at work places. Greer and Plunkett (2007) provide a basic guideline for ethical decision-making. According to them, a legally supported decision is not always an ethical decision. Firing a person due to personal grudge and for absolutely no fault of the person cannot be challenged legally; however, on ethical ground, the action is not palatable. At times, it may appear that adhering to ethical principles may lead to some negative personal consequences, even then that is the best way when seen from a long-term perspective. Russell (2014) argues that workplace ethics offer significant benefits to the organization. It helps in protecting assets of the firm. The companies such as WorldCom, Enron in the recent years are glaring examples of total annihilation due to unethical behavior by managers, top executives, accountants and auditors in large scale. Their entire assets wiped out within a few months and they had to go for bankruptcy under chapter 11

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