Friday, September 27, 2019

Cybercrime - reading critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cybercrime - reading critique - Essay Example Cyber criminals and terrorist groups are formed a nexus to destroy the US interests. US military is currently depending partly on the civilian technology services which can be misused/ exploited by the cyber attackers. Kinetic weapons, power of electromagnetic energy, malicious computer code etc are some of the most common methods of cyber attacks employed by cyber terrorists. Botnets (vast numbers of compromised computers that have been infected with malicious code, and can be remotely-controlled through commands sent via the Internet) are another major tool for cybercrime, because of its effectiveness and the easy use by even a non-skilled malicious user. The cyber attacks faced by Estonia in April 2007 revealed that political protestors may have rented the services of cybercriminals in order to destabilize the government. Cyber criminals have already established alliances with drug traffickers in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and elsewhere where profitable illegal activities are used to support terrorist groups. A coordinated attack on civilian and military computers by the cyber attackers may adversely affect the interests of US economy and the US military. â€Å"Every action has equal but opposite reaction† which is Newton’s third law. It is true in the case of computers and internet as well. It is a fact that computers and internet have revolutionized the human life immensely. At the same time like most of the other great discoveries, internet can also be used for destructive purposes. When nuclear energy was discovered, people thought that it can be used for constructive purposes. But nowadays the world is undergoing the immense threat of nuclear weapons and a possible nuclear war. Same way it is quite possible that prominent countries may engage in cyber wars in order to destabilize other countries. Instead of utilizing the contributions of science and technology for constructive purposes and collective growths, most of the prominent

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