Thursday, June 20, 2019

Communication and Personality in Negotiation Paper Research - 1

Communication and Personality in Negotiation - Research Paper ExampleI communicated with other auto buyers in synergistic forums in order to learn good practical negotiating techniques. I compared prices from newspaper classified ads, online classifieds, and other publications in which used were cosmos advertised.In my research near negotiation techniques when buying a car I learned that start of I should not buy the first car that I see. Another bloom I received that if the price looks to good to be true there is most likely something wrong with the car that is hard to diagnose at first glance. A good move to minimize your risk prior to make an offer is having a mechanic check the car over prior to making an offer. One should always make an offer that is lower than the asking price. I also learn that in the car buying process it is important to beat a feel for the individual who is selling you the car because the car will be as good as the maintenance and treatment the perso n gave to the car. at once I educated might-self a bit in the car buying experience and negotiating process and went out to the city to visit some of the car owners who had car on sale which interest me. My initial communication with each of the car owners was by telephone. I was amazed at what happen when I started announceing people. I figure that the car description was the key for me to finding the right car, but I underestimated the importance of individual personality plays in the negotiation process. My first call was to a female selling a sedan. This woman spoke to me on the phone with lots of arrogance. I did not like her tone of voice and we nevertheless spoke for 2 minutes. I never went to see car based solely on the fact that this person repulse me. The actual car being advertised seemed like a good deal.After several other bad phone calls I made arrangement with see three individuals that sounded schoolmaster on the phone and acted on a proactive manner during our ph one conversation as far as doing everything within their power to

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