Tuesday, June 18, 2019

What are the risks when building a new stadium in London Essay

What are the risks when building a new stadium in London - turn up ExampleAnother risk is an economic one. Paying abilities of people depend on a macro-economic situation. If economy goes down the paying capacity of people allow go down correspondingly, and in first turn it will impact the industries, which are not think to urgent needs. Among such industries, which may suffer the most, is an entertain industry, and the football stadium may receive less visitors, or visitors with cheaper tickets, both at football games and at all other events at the stadium same music concerts and so on.During the matches big football stadiums are attended by a tremendous number of people, what may cause environment risks (Baltes & Hayward 1976). Environment issues related to pollution may bring to economical or legal sanctions against the stadium. Technological risks also exist while building a stadium. Yet at the set of projecting the stadium, the construction project should be thought out and aligned with all the regulations in order to minimize the technological risks (Renn & Benighaus 2013). In particular, such rattling important stadium construction technologies as the drainage system and retractable roof should be followed

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