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Human Resource Management Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Human Resource Management - Coursework ExampleIn this method the employers base the wage site on the job irrespective of the soulfulness who is doing it. The HR professionals and employers are now moving towards Competency based commit. According to this approach the employers determine the pay outmatch or salary range of the employee depending on his depth, types of skills and knowledge. An employee may receive a high salary than his range if his competency level is equitable for a higher level job. Competency is the demonstrated skill, knowledge and conduct of a person that ensures and enables desired performance. There are three basic differences between the two approaches of pay scale. In the competency based approach the salary is more person point. The salary is based on the skills, knowledge and depth of the employee. Here a person gets paid for the knowledge and skills of the things he has the potential to do even if he is non doing it right now. Whereas in traditional method pay is job oriented irrespective of the skills and abilities of the person who is doing it. It ties the pay scale with the worth of the job. In competency based approach an employee builds competency by means of experience on the same or similar jobs. Whereas in job based pay the aim of the employee is not build competency (knowledge and skills) but the determinants are experience and tenure. ... sler et al, 2009) Reduction of Unsafe Acts through Selection, Placement and Employee Participation It has been a well accepted fact that some employees are more prone to accidents than others. Reasons for such irresponsible behavior are not easy to find and hence organizations concentrate on reducing these incidents as much as possible through a variety of strategies. These strategies for minimizing accidents and unsafe behavior mint be divided into four categories namely personnel selection, employee training and participation, incentive programs and safety rules and regulations. Many environmental factors to a fault play an important percentage in scientific strategy of reducing accidents, such as overcrowded workplaces, faulty or wrong arrangement of the material to be used in industrial mold and many other placements. With the help of work and safety engineers these problems of placements can be resolved. These engineers not only take care of placement issues but also of any potential situation in the environment that can cause distress and discomfort among employees. They help in providing congenial, safe and stress free operative condition conditions. Personal factors also play an important role. Some employees are more prone to accidents than others. These personal factors can be detected or identify through an appropriate and well designed selection process. Through a variety of psychological test an applicants motor and sensory abilities can be judged along with the muscular speed and perceptual style. It will help finding the right match of thes e qualities required for the job in the person. During the selection process an insight about a potential employees work habits, any organic diseases, fatigue level, drug addiction, age and experience, can be gained to

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