Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Strategic Planning and Development (Masdar City tourism Perspective) - Essay

Strategic Planning and Development (Masdar City tourism Perspective) - Continued - Essay ExampleThis paper will attempt to present a campaign plan for enhancing the tourism industry of Masdar City. Masdar City is a pouch and unit of Masdar, an Abu Dhabi-based renewable energy company of UAE. This company has planned and developed this city backed by green technologies (Masdar-a, n.d.). This beautiful city is a potential tourists destination and hence, it requires better campaign plan for promoting this city in the ball-shaped drop dead and tourism industry. Therefore, its goal involves the campaign plan for Masdar City. As this paper deals with the formulation of campaigning plan for Masdar City, the goal of this paper is to develop Masdar City as the almost attractive destination for the tourists, who want to sp exterminate their holidays in a green and healthy environment. B. Objectives In order to make the tasks more focused and well defined, special objectives are very esse ntial. In case of business development though marketing plans, there must be a set of objectives for each particularised area. Objective provides a platform to win the overall and long term goal of an entire task. Hurd, Barcelona and Meldrum have defined objectives as measurable steps to achieve goals (Hurd, Barcelona and Meldrum, 2008, p.53). They have also focused on developing the smart objectives. The smart objectives must have some features i.e. particular, measurable, agreed, realistic, timed (Marinel, 2005, p.23). For enhancing the validity of this campaign plan, some specific objectives are framed to achieve long term goal of this campaign plan and these objectives are stated below. Before establishing a campaign plan, it necessary to pay back and analyze the feedbacks of internal publics i.e. employees and residents of Masdar city. These internal publics of Masdar and residents will be able to provide useful information for bringing further improvements. The internal p ublics must include the employees associated with the project of Masdar City development. External publics are the potential tourists from the different countries of the world and these people will have proper knowledge of Masdar Citys features and location. Therefore, more than 50% of external publics of different countries must be made aware of the features of Masdar City within next three months. Currently, Masdar are using its websites and social networking sites to promote Masdar City. However, in order to compete in the global tourism market, it needs to increase the advertising frequency. Hence, it must increase its advertising activities and expenses by 75% within the end of next two months. The advertising medium should include television, social network sites, newspaper, hoardings etc. For better campaign planning, it is also necessary to sign and specify the markets. The target market includes the different countries of the world from which tourists may visit Masdar City . Therefore, Masdar must conduct promotional programs in these target countries after finishing awareness programs. C. Strategies Formulation of strategies must take into consideration the overall goal and specific objectives of this campaign plan for Masdar City. Moreover, the different type of target publics is also an important factor in this process. UAE is emergent as a major tourist destination in the global tourism industry. Dubai has already become one of the most preferred destinations by the global tourists. Moreover,

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